SGA Budgetary Committee Fall 2016

This past semester, I had the opportunity to serve on the Budgetary Committee of the Student Government Association at my university. The responsibility of the committee is to allocate funds from the student activities fees pool to student organizations.

After being exposed to so many incredible opportunities and student groups on campus, I feel it was important for me to go behind the scenes regarding the operations of the SGA Budgetary Committee. During the previous Spring semester, there was some shaken controversy regarding the bias the committee had against multicultural oriented organizations. That event caused friction between the organizations and SGA. Due to the emphasis of serving others, SGA administration had to reframed itself with policy changes concerning the issues the students had voiced. The primary changes was switching the application process to strictly an online form, creating auxiliary funding, and expanding organizations opportunities to apply for funding outside of primary funding, where a majority of the funding occurs during the school year.

I’m proud to be apart of a committee that makes so make incredible decisions on how to best serve others with the limited resources it had. While I was skeptical of some of the proposed changes, I feel more confident than ever after this past semester that the changes we had to make are the right ones.

I look forward to continuing that service next semester!


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