FYRE Colloquium Series

On Wednesday 28th of January 2015, I attended my “first” colloquium meeting for the OU’s First Year Research Experience (FYRE) group. Although I attended a pre-meeting two weeks ago, this meeting was the start of a series of speakers that will visit and discuss with the students involved with FYRE about the career options and choices in research. I was not sure what to expect. I had discussed about these meetings with previous FYRE students, and they generally agreed that the speakers were dull and boring. Nevertheless, I kept an open mind because a research career is very unknown to me. There were many questions that I wanted to ask. What is life like as a scientist? What motivates people to become scientists? How does one become a scientist and receive his or her Ph.D? Even though I am aspiring to become a physician, I believe people can relate more to physicians than to researchers. People know the path to become a physician better than to become a researchers because physicians directly interact with people on a daily basis. Researchers usually are in the background of society pursuing new knowledge.

I will be doing my best to not only record my personal insights with these speakers and their career, but also to give everybody more insight about life as a scientist/researcher. People should learn more about this part of society. This career is not for everyone, honestly. However, any career is not for everyone. It is scary for any individual trying to determine a career for the rest of his or her life, so it is important for individuals to be exposed to all facets of society in career options.

These FYRE Colloquium Series will be recorded and documented throughout the semester. I will try to keep up with this part of my blog on a weekly basis because the colloquium meetings are every other week.