2017 French Presidential Election

As if we already had enough elections. One of the most highly covered elections this past semester was the French presidential election. For the political nerd like me, I was able to discuss the elections with online friends who are more affected by it (i..e living in France, EU.) However, I was more surprised to … [Read more…]

Holiday Head Start 2016

My 3rd year at Holiday Head Start! For those that are not familiar with HHS, it is the official philanthropy program of the Asian American Student Association at the University of Oklahoma. It’s goal is to provide a holiday meal and celebration to underprivileged families from the surrounding city. A major portion of the funding for … [Read more…]

SGA Budgetary Committee Fall 2016

This past semester, I had the opportunity to serve on the Budgetary Committee of the Student Government Association at my university. The responsibility of the committee is to allocate funds from the student activities fees pool to student organizations. After being exposed to so many incredible opportunities and student groups on campus, I feel it was … [Read more…]